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450 nm Laser Safety Goggles

Laser Safety Glasses

These laser glasses can help reduce the probability of light entering the user’s eye from a diffusely backscattered laser light. This product is OD 7+ over the range of 190 to 540 nm, blocking deep ultraviolet to green including violet and blue light.

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Technical Data

Design Wavelength
450 nm
Optical Density
7 OD

Product Description

About the 450 nm Laser Safety Glasses

Features of the 450 nm Laser Safety Glasses:

  • helps protect the eye from diffusely scattered light only
  • CE Rated
  • OD 7+ over the 190 nm to 540 nm range
  • 50% Visible Light Transmission

These laser glasses can help reduce the probability of light entering the eye from the diffusely reflected laser light.

It is important to note that while these laser glasses may be helpful at adding an additional layer of safety for diffusely scattered light, the user should not depend on them to protect against the beam entering the eye, either directly or indirectly. It is necessary to take additional precautions when working with lasers, receive proper training on how to do so and not depend on equipment as an alternative to safe practices.

These laser safety glasses can be used while working with the following laser diodes:

  • 405nm 400mW HL40053MG
  • 405nm 600mW HL40063MG
  • 405nm 1.0W HL40033G
  • 450nm 1.6W PL TB450B
  • 447nm 3.0W PLPT9 450LA_E
  • 450nm 6.0W NUBM44
  • 465nm 2.6W Nichia LD
  • 520nm 1.0W NDG7475



It's Safety...Wear Them!

I'm not a Laserologist (it's a word...my word) but this company states that these are the glasses to wear while operating their lasers. I believe them and wear them accordingly. I've been using their products for two years now and recently had a class 1 FAA medical exam. My eyes are in just as great a condition as they ever have been. I'm not so sure I could say the same if I hadn't been wearing these glasses. I have two pairs in case I have friends enjoying the action with me. They are comfy and the case keeps them clean.


Perfect service, perfect product

As someone who wears glasses to actually see something I was looking for laser safety glasses that would fit over my regular ones. Communication via email was more than helpful and I ended up buying these. They are a perfect fit

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comfortable safety glasses

they live well in a workshop environment, light and comfortable.

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Excellent Product

A must have when using lasers. I bought a second pair so that I’m never without them.

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