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uSpot Lens Upgrade

uSpot Lens Upgrade for PLH3D-6W-XF+

The µSpot Lens Upgrade allows you to reach up to 2.5 times higher laser cutting and engraving speed compared to the standard version of our new generation of PLH3D-6W-XF+ Laser Heads. Boosting laser cutting performance enables you to laser process a wider range of materials, particularly so in the case of textiles and films. It also simplifies reaching the lens for your lens cleaning routine.

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Product Description

Boosting the cutting and engraving speed by up to 2.5 times (40% to 80% higher throughput typically) as well as expanding the range of materials that can processed with your laser, makes µSpot Lens Upgrade a highly pragmatic upgrade that can take your laser processing capabilities to the next level. The µSpot Lens Upgrade is carefully designed to achieve the best optical performance and the highest optical power output concentrated in the smallest focal spot size that is possible for a 6 W blue Laser Head. It also makes it easier to clean your front lens because all lens surfaces are easily accessible.

PLH3D-6W-XF+ with the µSpot Lens Upgrade

The highest power density at the focal spot for a 6 W Laser Head enables you to quickly cut and engrave various materials including plastics, leather, wood, textiles, plywood, balsa cardboard and paper among other choices. It also enables you to mark stainless steel. titanium and low heat conductance subspecies of steel. In the same amount of time, you can typically laser process 40 to 80% higher volume of materials. For more information, please check out a comparison with our PLH3D-6W-XF+ laser engraver.

Important: This is a lens upgrade for the PLH3D-6W-XF+ Laser Head, which is a different laser head compared to previous generations of PLH3D-6W-XF Laser Heads. If you would like to upgrade an old generation PLH3D-6W-XF please contact us using the contact form.



Uspot lens

That is the best lens i ever have seen on the internet. I use it always.


Game Changer

Hesitated buying this due to the price, but the performance improvement over the factory lens makes the entire system more useful. Wish I had bought it sooner.

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much faster

About 2 times faster. Now I am able to cut 3 mm wooden plank with one slow pass.

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Excellent Product

I did a couple of tests with the standard supplied lens
3mm MDF
Focal Distance 60mm
Feed: 7mm/sec
Passes: 20
Air Assist: None
This cut through the MDF

With the uSpot lens though
3mm MDF
Focal Distance 60mm
Feed: 15mm/sec (over 2x's at quick)
Passes: 8
Air Assist: None

Its soooo much quicker.
Definitely worth the investment.

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