CNC Laser Upgrade Kits  

Save money and buy the complete set for quick and easy attachment of a laser engraving head (included in the laser upgrade kits) onto your CNC machine. Our laser engraving kits designed for X-carve, Stepcraft, and Shapeoko CNC machines include a professional PLH3D-6W-XF laser head, a set of fastening elements, a dedicated adapter, high-quality safety goggles, and more useful accessories. For machines from other manufacturers, such as Openbuilds, you can use our universal kit with an adapter that supports all types of control signals. Nothing else is needed to start working with a fully functional laser head.

Now you can buy an X-carve laser, Stepcraft laser, or Shapeoko laser in a convenient, ready-to-install kit.



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    Leading professional 6 W laser heads from PLH3D series for industrial and hobby applications alike. Robust design, compatibility with all types of control signals used in CNC in 3D printing market as well as with a wide range of PSUs.

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Showing 133 - 133 of 133 items