We are astonished by the projects you put into life using our engraving laser heads. The works you have sent to us are a true source of inspiration and motivate us to constantly create newer and more advanced products. They are also a great inspiration for other customers. They are most interested in your creative process. Which tools do you use in your works? Which materials? Which techniques? Can you please share even more photos and videos with us? Please email them to us. We will publish the most interesting materials on our website and social media profiles.

Share your work

The cup coaster

The wooden cup coaster with the laser-engraved pattern. We especially like the detail of the pattern and the 3D effect. The laser engraving head allows even sophisticated designs to be engraved on everyday objects.

Decorative elements

Decorative elements cut by our blue CNC laser. We appreciate the ingenious way of making the elements with the names of the children for marking their own cabinets (e.g. in a kindergarten).

The donut box

The box for donuts with cut and engraved funny text. Thanks to the CNC machine and our laser head you can easily and professionally make such a kind of a dedicated package.

The tiger

The tiger engraved on the back of the shirt. Creation by Antonio Heredia Moreno. It is a pretty example of laser engraving with shades. You can express yourself by engraving your own designs on clothing.

The ship

The ship engraved on the whiskey barrel. Creation by Chad Hauser. Laser engraving allows you to enrich wooden elements with additional patterns while maintaining these elements' original style.

The wooden box

The wooden box cut and engraved with the PLH3D-6W-XF laser head. Creation by Karol Piotr. A spectacular example of the use of laser cutting and engraving to make and decorate the wooden object.

The mirror tiger

The tiger face engraved on the mirror. Creation by Karol Piotr. The use of simple tricks allows you to apply a blue CNC laser to engraving even glass and mirror surfaces.