Advantages of using Blue Galvo Scan Laser / Why Galvo Scan Laser?

Novel Combination of Blue Lasers and Galvo Scanning System offered by Opt Lasers drives higher performance in industry production lines and workshops. Thanks to combination of blue lasers and Galvo Scanning systems Opt Lasers is delivering one of the most efficient solutions that can be customized and applied to variety of production processes.

Galvo System Advantages:

  • Rapid engraving compared to slower XY positioning mechanisms
  • Small amount of moving mechanical parts (no bearing, guides etc)
  • Long Working Distance and flexible? scan area
  • Great Depth of Focus makes easy to adjust working distance
  • Low power consumption

Blue Laser Advantages:

  • Lifetime up to 30 000h
  • High electrical to optical efficiency up to 30% vs 7% for CO2 lasers
  • High blue wavelength absorption, often 30x higher than IR and CO2 lasers
  • Low amount of generated heat, no need for water cooling

Opt Lasers Blue Lasers:

  • High Blue Laser absorption, High wall plug efficiency of a blue laser and galvo scanning heads create one of the most effective laser for surface processing
  • Compact size, can be used as stationary system or implemented into moving mechanism or robot
  • Control Industry standard, easy to apply into industrial lines, robots and CNC machines
  • Minimal maintenance, no consumable parts
  • Low supply voltage 12-48V improves safety
  • Visible wavelength improves workers awareness and safety
  • Remarkably high wall plug efficiency
  • Cost-effective thanks to above

Opt Lasers Blue Galvo Engraving Laser Head

Opt Lasers is capable of providing high-power blue and violet (400 – 450nm) laser heads for galvanometric scanning heads. Besides laser heads we are capable providing: galvo scan heads, f-theta focusing lenses with different working distances, controllers, laser diode drivers, mounts and adapters.

In house machine shop, laboratory, engineering department and production line allows us to quickly to move from the idea to a prototype and a final product.

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Food processing/Labeling/Marking

Almost all of organic / natural materials are characterized by high absorption of blue (450nm) light. Thanks to this engraving and surface processing of many organic materials is possible. It is possible to engrave fruit and vegetables as well as nut shells, leaves, roots and branches. Different effects are possible depending on the engraving speed. The compact design allows the engraving system to be mounted on conveyor belts and the second working distance helps to keep the optical system clean.

Plands, crops and weed laser processing

Blue light has a high absorption by organic matter and proven by research that blue laser can be successfully used to destroy unwanted plants and shoots as well as weed seeds. The installation of compact laser systems allows you to fight against weeds and control crops without using pesticides. This solution is much more ecological due to the lack of use of pesticides and significantly reduces fuel consumption, because the machines do not have to return and transport a huge amount of spray to the growing area. Due to the high mechanical stability of the Opt Lasers engraving system, they do not require tuning and are resistant to vibration. The thermal conductivity of organic materials allows the use of high power lasers with an increased laser spot.

Wood, ceramics, plastics, and metal engraving

Similar as the use of standard blue laser heads such a galvanometric system can be used to engrave a variety of materials such as wood ceramics plastics and metals. The speed of engraving and the effect will depend on the parameters of the laser beam, i.e. the laser module itself, its power and optical parameters, and the scanning parameters. Raster or vector engraving is possible depending on the effect needed.

Thin materials, textiles and films cutting

Galvanometric scanning systems from Opt Lasers are perfect for cutting thin materials such as films, foils, textiles. Heat shrinkable materials, thermally conductive pads, paper and textile filters, protective films or foils used in industry often require precise cutting to the element with which they will work. Textile fabrics, nets, mats or artificial and natural leather also require similar preparation. Laser cutting is invaluable in such situations, and the compactness of the entire system facilitates its installation in machines and production lines.

Laser Soldering and Welding

Blue lasers are ideal for working with materials that have a high absorption rate of short wavelengths in the visible light range. Materials that show much higher absorption compared to infrared lasers include brass, copper, nickel, gold and titanium. With blue lasers, it is possible to weld copper with gold and solder with metal binders such as tin. Very often in these processes the power delivered to the material is important, and the power density of the laser is less important. Therefore, it is possible to use a laser with a larger beam and focused to a larger spot size, but with much higher power.

Laser Powders Sintering

Selective laser sintering is one of the most perspective additive manufacturing technology with great possibilities. However, some applications are limited by absorption of NIR laser which are used in SLS and SLA machines. Thanks to short wavelength laser sintering is possible for many different materials which are hard or impossible to sinter with NIR and IR lasers. Additionally, higher additive manufacturing precision can be obtained with blue and violet lasers due to nature of shorter wavelengths.

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Product Line Specifications

ItemTypical Value
Optical Power 2 to 50 W
Center Wavelength 405 / 445 / 525 nm
Working Distance 120 - 360 mm (4.2-14.2")
Beam Spot Width <50 - 1000 µm (0.0019 - 0.039")
Weight 3 - 5kg (4.4 - 11 lbs.)
PSU Voltage 12 - 24 VDC
Modulation Bandwidth 100 kHz

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What is a Galvanometer optical scanner?

Galvanometric scan head, often called galvo, at its core consists of a set of motorized mirrors that deflect the input beam. Due to such design the scan head doesn’t need to be moved to change the position of the beam, as is the case with, for example, CNC machines, which increases the precision of beam positioning. Most galvos have two such rotating mirrors, allowing the beam to move on the XY plane. This movement is fast and highly repeatable, which makes galvo scanners ideal for use in, among others, industrial marking, welding or cutting.

What is an F-Theta Lens?

F-theta lenses are special, multi-element design lenses (objectives) that displace the outgoing beam proportionally to the product of focal length and scan angle (f•θ). As a result, the focal point is always located at the same height (in contrast to spherical lenses that image on a circular plane). High quality lenses maintain a largely unchanged spot size throughout the whole marking area. By using a lens with a short focal length the working distance can be very short, decreasing the size of the entire system, while a long focal length will result in a large working area.

How does it work?

Customizable Industrial Laser Features

Our engraving and cutting industrial laser units can be customized with respect to the following features:

  • Various Optical Power Levels
  • Different Industrial Laser Wavelength Options
  • Customized TTL or Analog Input Voltage Range
  • Increased Maximum Operating Temperature
  • Custom Optics to Produce a Specific Focus Spot Size or Working Distance
  • Shapes or Dimensions
  • Private Label Options

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements for a custom industrial laser system product.

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