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CNC Laser for Industry

The industrial market is an important part of our customer base. In fact, we designed the PLH3D-6W-μSpot laser head specifically for production applications to support this market. The μSpot laser head has a fixed short focal length lens to achieve several times higher power density. This results in faster laser cutting speeds of thin materials such as textiles for increased productivity in production environments.

More information about our laser heads for industry can be found here: μSpot laser head

Custom Lasers for Business

Opt Lasers is capable of delivering customized lasers for engraving and cutting applications. We are uniquely positioned for quick development due to our in-house prototyping capability and vast experience.

We can supply products for lasers, engraving and cutting with the following features:

  • Various optical power levels
  • Different wavelength options
  • Customized TTL or analog input voltage range
  • Increased max operating temperature
  • Custom optics to produce a specific focus spot size or working distance
  • Special shapes or dimensions
  • Private label options

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements for a custom product.

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