Stepcraft PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit

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This is adapter kit for PLH3D-6W Series Laser Head to Stepcraft CNC machine. Simple and easy connection between PLH3D-6W Series laser head and Stepcraft CNC machine. All necessary parts are included !



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Individual Kit Parts


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    High-quality engraving laser head for hobbyists. The PLH3D-6W laser head is Opt Lasers’ third generation of affordable laser head for hobbyists. It uses the same high power diode and excellent quality machined aluminum design and controller as XF version but has a simplified ...

    $369.00 $449.00 -$80.00
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    These laser glasses can help reduce the probability of light entering the user’s eye from a diffusely backscattered laser light. This product is OD 7+ over the range of 190 to 540 nm, blocking deep ultraviolet to green including violet and blue light.

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    This air nozzle quickly interfaces with PLH3D-6W–Series engraving laser heads via magnets and also functions as a 43 mm spindle adapter. It directs the flow to prevent dark smoke from impeding the laser light from reaching the sample. This helps to ensure a consistent cutting ...

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Product Description

Parts included in the Stepcraft PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit are listed above, in the section “Individual Kit Parts”


Advantages of the Stepcraft PLH3D-CNC Adapter Kit:

  • Simple and quick connection of PLH3D-6W Series Laser Head to Stepcraft CNC machine
  • Dedicated signal cable
  • Plug&Play adapter, no soldering required. 
  • No additional cooling required

Key features of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter:

  • Soft Start
  • Indication LEDs - power, armed, laser working
  • Build-in microcontroller - watchdog
  • Two external safety terminals (for example: safety key, E-Stop)
  • Automatic disarm after power off
  • One second laser test
  • Compatibility with the PLH3D laser heads
  • Keylock for preventing use by unauthorized personnel
  • Machined aluminum quality enclosure
  • One button system (arm, test and setting of enable modes)


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