1. Nozzle Removal

For cutting materials thicker than 3.5 mm the air nozzle should be removed. To remove the air nozzle, unscrew it as shown in the images below.

Important: Never unscrew or loosen the screws shown in the image below. The part that they are holding is factory aligned.  

2. Air Nozzle Connection

High pressure nozzle can be connected via a 4 mm (5/32") hose. The hose is meant to be guided through the hole at the back of the laser head. It is important that you ensure the nozzle has got a fresh air supply.


3. Cleaning the Lens

We recommend regular inspections of the lens surface cleanliness before laser processing operations. The front surface of the lens is easy to clean in case it has become dirty during your recent engraving or cutting operations. The cleaning procedure can be carried out with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and an optical wipe. You can watch an appropriate cleaning technique on our Youtube channel.