Let’s see Opt Lasers laser heads in action! On this website, you can find videos that show our high-quality lasers in action and also materials with useful tips and service advice. All of them will help you to achieve the best results with Opt Lasers laser heads and other products.

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Advantages of the LaserDock - Magnetic Docking Station

Opt Lasers magnetic docking station for the laser head

Check the ergonomics and safety of our docking station for the PLH3D-6W laser head. The unique design of the LaserDock is not available from other manufacturers.

The Short Guide about Cleaning the Laser Engraver Lens

cleaning the Opt Lasers laser engraving head

See how properly clean the lens of our laser heads. Keeping the lens clean protects the efficiency of the CNC laser.

Opt Lasers and CS-LAB - Good Companions

CNC software by CS-Lab supports our laser heads

Look that SimCNC software supports our blue CNC laser. The Sim CNC software is now available in our online store.

Opt Lasers PLH3D-6W-XF Laser Head Used as a Stepcraft Laser

PLH3D-6W-XF laser head used as a Stepcraft laser

The laser for Stepcraft - the full laser engraver kit by Opt Lasers for Stepcraft CNC machines. Also, we offer sets designed to CNC machines from other manufacturers.

Engraving and Cutting Wood with the PLH-12000 Laser Head

PLH-12000 engraving laser head

Faster engraving and cutting. See possibilities of our new 12 W laser - PLH-12000 laser head. At the moment, in our offer, it is the CNC laser with the highest power.

Comparison of Laser Cutting of Wood and Plywood

comparision of laser cutting with the Opt Lasers laser head

See how to cut wood and plywood with the PLH3D-6W laser head, without a strong burning of the material.