PLH3D-6W-Series Engraving and Cutting Laser Heads


About PLH3D-6W-Series Engraving Laser Heads

PLH3D-Series were created as a series of compact and light laser heads. Their versatility allows to use them with almost all CNC machines available on the market. Due to the fact that their size and weight (70 – 220 g) have been significantly reduced, they are perfect even for small and delicate mechanisms. High-speed driver built inside the laser head protects it against inductance effects and allows to switch on the laser diode faster. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that the length of the wire between the power supply and laser head can reach a few meters without causing any problems.

PLH3D laser heads do not require any additional cooling what makes them perfect for use in machines made of composites, wood or plastic. Thanks to specially adapted optics, the beam spot size that provides very high power density allow to cut and engrave many types of materials. PLH3D laser heads are a great substitute for CO2 CNC lasers and can work with special engraving laminates, laser foils and many standard materials such as wood, rubber, cardboard, fabrics, leather, painted/anodized metal. 6W lasers are also great for stainless steel and titanium marking.


Product Features


    • Powered by Blue Laser Diodes - Unlike infrared light, blue light is more easily absorbed by numerous industrial materials. This directly translates to several advantages including reduced power consumption and more compact heat sinking.
    • Integrated Control Electronics – In many laser heads that have the diode connected to the diode’s driver via a long cable and the coupling is done with connectors. Long wires are characterized by substantial inductive effects. This results in delays of the diode’s response in relation to the diode’s driver and as extension it also results in blurred lines. Connectors are more prone to disconnections than coupling done via direct soldering. Disconnecting during laser processing can damage the laser head.

Features of PLH3 Compact Design

      • Long Lifetime – Opt Lasers laser heads are industry-level grade CNC machine tools. Mechanical parts are made from machined aluminium. Our products are designed with cooling optimization in mind. Investing in the highest quality equipment ensures the best performance and price.

Life time compared to price

  • Lightweight Design Mounts to Nearly any CNC Machine – Featuring a lightweight, Aluminum body that makes the laser weight less than 225 g. As a typical CNC spindle weighs approximately 1.8 kg, CNC machines can operate it effortlessly.
  • Simple Integration - Can be set-up on nearly any CNC machine since it accepts both analog and PWM CNC signals. 
  • Instant-On Power – No warm-up time.


Main Applications

PLH3D-15W Plywood Cutting
Birtch Plywood
Thickness Feed Rate Step Lens
3mm (0.118") 5mm/s (11.8 IPM) 0.6mm (0.023") μSpot Lens
6mm (0.236") 5mm/s (11.8 IPM) 0.5mm (0.019") High-Res.

Woodworking - Cutting and Engraving Wood

Blue laser engraving can produce a detailed pattern with round edges as well as darken the color of the wood. Laser engraving can be used to engrave a logo or a photo, which can’t be done with milling bits. With PLH3D-6W, you can laser engrave wood and wood-based materials, including cork, chipboard, particleboard, alder, cherry, maple, MDF, basswood, balsa, veneers, medium-density-fiberboard and high-density-fiberboard.

Cutting Textiles and Thin Synthetic Materials

The high absorption of blue laser light for numerous materials enables fast cutting without damaging protection layers used in textile cutting. Blue laser cutting and engraving are suitable for diverse types of textiles including Cordura™, Alcantara, felt, 1080 denier nylon, jeans, short-staple fiber cotton, wool, tartan, fleece, white polyester, softshell, silk, lace and linen. High power density enables laser cutting textiles with carbon-reinforced yarn and nylon-reinforced yarn as well as white textiles. Many robust materials used in the production of tents, kites, and bags can be cut at 60 mm/s.

Material Thickness Feed Rate Step Lens
Polyester 0.4mm (0.015") 40mm/s (94IPM) 0.1mm (0.004") uSpot
Jeans 0.5mm (0.019") 8mm/s (19IPM) 0mm (0") High-Res.
Leather 1.5mm (0.059") 30 mm/s (70IPM) 0.25mm (0.01") uSpot
Rubber 0.5mm (0.019") 15mm/s (35IPM) 0.25mm (0.009") High-Res.
Laser Cutting Fabric with PLH3D Lasers from Opt Lasers Grav

Laser Engraving Gold Painted Metal Sleeve
Material Operation Feed Rate Lens
Anodized Aluminum Marking 50mm/s (118 IPM) μSpot
Painted Steel Marking 50mm/s (118 IPM) μSpot

Engraving Anodized Aluminum and Painted Metals

Blue laser engraving can produce a detailed pattern with round edges as well as darken the color of the wood. Laser engraving can be used to engrave a logo or a photo, which can’t be done with milling bits. With PLH3D-6W, you can laser engrave wood and wood-based materials, including cork, chipboard, particleboard, alder, cherry, maple, MDF, basswood, balsa, veneers, medium-density-fiberboard and high-density-fiberboard.



Laser Cutting Fiber Reinforced Foil
Laser Cutting Leather
Laser Cutting Synthetic Materials

Laser Engraving PCB
Engraving Powder Painted Metal
Stainless Steel Marking with Laser

Laser Cutting Cardboard
Laser Cutting Foam
Laser Cutting Black PET Plastic

Laser Cutting Balsa Wood
Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminium
Laser Cutting Jeans Denim Fabric


Lens Comparison

NameHigh-Resolution LensuSpot LensHigh-Efficiency Lens
Application High-Resolution Engraving
Medium Speed Engraving
Cutting: Thick and Thin Materials
up to 10 mm
High-Resolution Engraving
Fast Speed Engraving
Cutting: Thin Materials
up to 5 mm
Low-Resolution Engraving
Slow Speed Engraving
Cutting: Thin Materials
up to 5mm
Optical Efficiency 77% 95% 95%
Beam Spot Area 0.0059 mm2 0.0025 mm2 0.0244 mm2
Power Density 74 kW/cm2 210 kW/cm2 22 kW/cm2
Working Distance 20 - 120 mm
(2.3 in.)
60 mm
(2.2 in.)
20 - 120 mm
(2.3 in.)
Symetric Beam Offset ±4.4 mm
(± 0.173")
±0.7 mm
(± 0.027")
±1.8 mm
(± 0.070")
Working Distance PLH3D-6W PLH3D-6W-XF PLH3D-6W-XF
Beam Spot Comparison PLH3D-6W

Note 1: power density as well as the beam spot area are calculated for working distance - 60mm.

Note 2: acctual/maximum beam spot area and power density are higher compared to presented values. Table assumes the working distance is not set with precise measurement tools, setting accuracy +/-0.1mm

Note 3: Beam spot has rectangular shape, image with comparison of beam spot area is only graphical representation



LaserDock – Speeds up your work and keeps your laser clean

An effective solution for both large and small CNC machines and 3D printers, this magnetic docking station allows the PLH3D-6W Series laser for engraving to be quickly attached or removed. This facilitates quick access for CNC milling or 3D printing. By protecting the laser head from plastic or wood dust from your printer or CNC mill, it can extend the lifetime of the engraving laser and reduce maintenance. It also allows you to take advantage of the entire working area of your 3D printer or CNC machine.

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High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle - Speeds up laser engraving and cutting up to 6 times

Being compatible with the XF+ Laser Head with or without the µSpot Lens Upgrade, the High-Pressure Air Nozzle is a priceless asset for laser cutting and engraving. Not only does it speed up cutting and engraving with laser by up to 6.5 times, but it also substantially improves the attained quality of the processed material. With the High-Pressure Air Nozzle your yield will have noticeably enhanced quality with uniform and well-defined features. Our High-Pressure Air Nozzle will also protect your optics from smoke and dust particles, extending the intervals between subsequent lens cleaning routines, and boost user safety. Furthermore, the length of the High-Pressure Air Nozzle can be adjusted for different material thicknesses by +8/-4 mm for the XF+ Laser Head or +5/-4 mm for the XF+ Laser Head with the µSpot Lens Upgrade.

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PLH3D-CNC Adapter - Easy connection to any CNC machine

Many types of CNC machines and 3D printers with different control voltage standards and levels available on the market may be used to control the PLH3D head. The PLH3D-CNC Adapter converts all these signals to the standard compatible with the PLH3D head. The PLH3D-CNC Adapter contains widely used industry-standard screw connectors. A dedicated desktop low-noise power supply unit assures compatibility and reliability as well as eliminates problems caused by using third-party power supplies. The general status (power, armed, laser working) may be checked at a glance by watching three LEDs.

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PLH3D-CNC Adapter

Customization and OEM Solutions

The CNC laser is fully customizable in its design, features and performance, such as the mechanical dimension and shape, fan, focus spot size, working distance, optical power, and electronic inputs. OEM and private label solutions are also a possibility for manufacturers and distributors of 3D printers and CNC machines. Our engineers can work with your company to deliver the appropriate solution.


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Product Specifications

Laser Diode Optical Power 6W
Dimensions of Laser Head (L x W x H) 40 x 55 x 78(105) mm
(1.6 x 1.7 x 3.1(5.9) in.)
Weight of Laser Head, Typ. 220g (7.76 oz.)
Flow Rate of Fan 43 m3/h (25 CFM)
Fan Noise 58 dBA
Mounting Hole Pattern 4 holes, 24 x 15 mm
(0.94 x 0.59 in.)
Mounting Hole Type M3 x 0.5 x 4.5 mm
Max. Ambient Temperature 45°C (113°F)
Modulations Inputs 2
Modulation Input 1 Analog/TTL/PWM,
0 – 5 V
Modulation Input 21 TTL/PWM 0 – 24 V
Recommended PWM Base Frequency 5 – 10 kHz
Max. Modulation Bandwidth 30 kHz
Input Impedance of 1 and 2 >1 k-Ω
Power Supply Unit Voltage 12 – 24 V
12 V PSU Min. Current 2.5 A
24 V PSU Min. Current 1.25 A
Max. Power Consumption 30 W
  1. "Laser Off" state is <2 V. "Laser On" state is 3 – 24 V.