We have a wide range of accessories for our CNC lasers. These accessories allow you to adapt the laser head to your CNC machine, expand the capability of the head and increase the convenience and safety of workers. We have prepared accessories for you that we would like to use - carefully designed, safe to use (which is proven by CE certificate) and made of high-quality materials. Bear in mind that every full laser engraver kit contains all necessary accessories with the laser head.

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  • High-efficiency Engraving Lens

    This Mounted Aspheric lens is useful to collimate or focus laser light in the visible wavelength regime. The aspheric design nearly eliminates spherical aberration without needing multiple optical elements. It has a broadband AR coating of 400-700 nm, allowing it to be used for various applications. 

  • High-resolution Engraving Lens

    This Mounted Triplet lens can be used to variably focus or collimate the laser light with reduced aberration due to its triplet (three element) design. Its relatively long effective focal length (EFL) of 8 mm allows it to focus laser light to a small spot.

  • PLH3D-6W Nozzle ABS

    PLH3D-6W Nozzle ABS

    This is an ABS nozzle designed to PLH3D 6W engraving laser head.

Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items